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How much weather..
london rain

...can you squeeze into a single day? 

Today we've had frost, snow, sleet, drizzle, and now fog.  Throw in a hurricane and a heatwave and you'd have the full set.  O.o   Still, at least Monday's snow is thawing at long last and the roads and pavements look as though they'll be passable again soon.  I've been stuck indoors for two days because I don't do icy pavements.  It'll be nice if I can get out again tomorrow.

This cold snap does make me giggle.  The last few years we've had quite mild winters and the media have been grumbling on about how it never snows, it never gets cold enough to kill off the vermin, and we 'never have proper winters any more'.  This year after a couple of really cold spells they've changed their tune completely and are bandying about phrases like 'severe weather' and 'freak conditions'.  Are they *never* happy? 

Mind you, it can't be often that a Cornish harbour freezes over - that's salt water!

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You could have had some of ours if I'd realised. I'll scrape it off the front step, pop it in a matchbox and post it to you - just as soon as the pavements have cleared enough to get to the post office.... :P

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