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Space concert
This was in lieu of a New Year's party, since we stupidly left it too late to book anywhere to go away for the Big Night.  ;)

Instead we had a lovely meal out at Pizza Express in Brindleyplace.  The place was bursting at the seams - I think we got the last table and the food was rather slow because the chefs simply couldn't get it out of the kitchen fast enough.  But when it did arrive it was delicious as usual.  The canals looked wonderful with twinkly fairy lights in all the trees reflected in the dark water below, and even Broad Street was festive - at least from a distance.  Close up it's still too scruffy and there are still too many closed-down bars and boarded-up shops.  Sadly it was too cold to linger and in any case we only had minutes to get to the Symphony Hall before the doors closed.

The concert was a real blast.  It was done by the London Concert Orchestra (a cut-down version of the London Symphony?) and they played a selection of 'space classics' - everything from Holst's The Planets to music used in space films (Blue Danube, Also Sprach Zarathustra) to heaps of John Williams scores from Star Wars, ET and Close Encounters of the Third Kind.  Some of the latter was a little complex (read: full of disharmonies and quite difficult to listen to) and it was noticeable that after the interval, about a third of the audience didn't come back.  Which was a shame, as the second 'half' was actually better than the first and included the conductor stripping down to a Superman costume and the choir stalls being taken over by stormtroopers!  Add a light-and-laser display and the whole thing made for a great night out.  (Although I could have done without the terminally-bored twelve year old behind me who spent most of the concert slumped in her seat and kicking the back of my chair...  Thanks, parents.  Must you take your children to things they really don't like?)


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