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Help - trash!
Well, not literally.  ;)  But if there's anyone out there living in or familiar with America, please can you let me know what the US equivalent of a dustbin man is?  In other words, the men (and women) who come round to your homes and collect your trash/garbage every week? I'm assuming it's something ike 'refuse collector' or 'garbage collector' but when I googled those I got a load of rubbish (no pun intended *g*) about clean-up computer software and nothing about real life trash!

I'm writing a story for an American market and I've realised that the UK term 'bin men' will probably baffle the editors, which is Not A Good Thing.

If anyone can let me know either in the comments or by email I'll be very much obliged.  :)

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Dave phoned the council too and they logged it as a missed collection and promised to send someone out. And didn't bother. It went in the next fortnight's normal collection... Grr!

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