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Help - trash!
Well, not literally.  ;)  But if there's anyone out there living in or familiar with America, please can you let me know what the US equivalent of a dustbin man is?  In other words, the men (and women) who come round to your homes and collect your trash/garbage every week? I'm assuming it's something ike 'refuse collector' or 'garbage collector' but when I googled those I got a load of rubbish (no pun intended *g*) about clean-up computer software and nothing about real life trash!

I'm writing a story for an American market and I've realised that the UK term 'bin men' will probably baffle the editors, which is Not A Good Thing.

If anyone can let me know either in the comments or by email I'll be very much obliged.  :)

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Another of my f'list has just been having a 'conversation' about bin fairies - the sort who empty your bin when it's only half full and you deliberately left it half way down the back garden. A couple of Americans on her f'list seem to be quite happy referring to 'bin men' (with the observation that American ones would never turn into bin fairies...)

I wish we had bin fairies - the council 'forgot' to take our recycling last time so we've had an overflowing crate kicking round in the porch because it was too heavy to carry back indoors. O.o

That became such a regular occurrence here that the number and length of phone calls between Colin and the lady at the appropriate council help desk could have suggested they were having an affair! They then changed our day - without telling us - and once that was sorted out there was no further trouble.

Dave phoned the council too and they logged it as a missed collection and promised to send someone out. And didn't bother. It went in the next fortnight's normal collection... Grr!

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