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More humbug
bad day
I know, I'm grumbling again.  But we just had a knock at the door, and when I went to answer it, it was a couple of teenagers bawling out the first few bars of 'We Wish You a Merry Christmas'.  Yup.  Carol-singers.

Well, I use the term advisedly.  These days, nobody ever sings carols - this is the only vaguely Christmassy tune anyone seems to know - and even then they only sing the first couple of lines and then stop, and fix you with a 'pay us NOW' kind of stare.

I told them I didn't have any cash in the house, and they scowled at me as if it was their god-given right to be paid, just for singing six words of a song I don't particularly like, at a time which was inconvenient since I was cooking tea.

And it's only December 3rd, fer Chrissakes!!!!!  I don't expect this sort of thing to start until well after the middle of the month....


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