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Help - trash!
Well, not literally.  ;)  But if there's anyone out there living in or familiar with America, please can you let me know what the US equivalent of a dustbin man is?  In other words, the men (and women) who come round to your homes and collect your trash/garbage every week? I'm assuming it's something ike 'refuse collector' or 'garbage collector' but when I googled those I got a load of rubbish (no pun intended *g*) about clean-up computer software and nothing about real life trash!

I'm writing a story for an American market and I've realised that the UK term 'bin men' will probably baffle the editors, which is Not A Good Thing.

If anyone can let me know either in the comments or by email I'll be very much obliged.  :)

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I've always called them garbage men.

Thanks so much for coming to the rescue! One or two other sources have suggested the same thing so I'll go with that. At least it should make *some* sense to the poor bewildered editors. ;)

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